August 14, 2014

Energy drinks and alcohol are a dangerous mix, study finds

Energy drinks and alcohol are a dangerous mix, study finds

Partiers mix them in order to be able to party longer – but researchers at the University of Michigan have found that consuming energy drinks and alcohol is dangerous, precisely for that reason.

“We found that college students tended to drink more heavily, become more intoxicated, and have more negative drinking consequences on days they used both energy drinks and alcohol, compared to days they only used alcohol,” said Megan Patrick, co-author of the study.

The study found that the danger holds true when people drink energy drinks alongside alcohol, but also for people who merely use both in the same day, but not necessarily at the same time.

College students who consumer energy drinks and alcohol also reported feeling less drunk, making them more likely to engage in dangerous behaviors like drunk driving.

“It appears that the consumption of caffeinated alcoholic beverages has a direct effect on increasing risk by masking intoxication and making it easier for youth to consume more alcohol,” said Dr. Michael Siegel, author of a similar study conducted at Boston University.

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