I Left My Kids to Go to Rehab and Here's Why I'd Do It Again

Spending 90 days in treatment was not only the best decision I ever made, but one for which my children are grateful.

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“As a recovering addict, I know those pictures live forever”

A photographer who once was addicted to heroin on how to fairly and ethically depict addiction.

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I’m an alcoholic mom, but my husband won’t help by not drinking

Focus on giving up drinking on your own – and your husband’s lack of support when you are healthier, says Mariella Frostrup

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Addiction Recovery in the Age of Coronavirus

Quarantining at home comes with its own risk factors for people struggling with substance use disorder.​

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An interview with Michael Bamberger, author of ‘The Second Life of Tiger Woods’

A week before what was supposed to be Woods’ defense at the Masters, Bamberger answered our questions about his new book on the 2019 champion.

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COVID-19 Outbreak Impacts People In Addiction Recovery

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of difficulties for people relying on services to continue their recovery from addiction.

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‘Hooking Up’: Film Review

Frisky if familiar, this rom-com asks, can a carnal road trip lead to its odd couple to self-knowledge?​

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How To Stay Supported, Connected, and Healthy While Social Distancing

My recovery meetings are canceled. How can I find support? I’m worried. How can I connect?

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