Group aiming to make difference in the sober LGBT community

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Year after year, Pride weekend in New York City is the epicenter of gay culture and it can involve a weekend of temptations and triggers for those living in sobriety. Now, there’s a group offering a safe and entertaining place for members of the sober LGBT community during Pride weekend.

Queer & Sober was willed into reality to provide a safe and fun experience for members of the LGBT sober community through high-quality, low-cost events ... yet with a high-production value. It is not limited to the “city that never sleeps,” but welcomes sober individuals near and far – with Pride weekend as center stage.

The group is not affiliated with any single 12-step program; its primary purpose is to encourage unity and enhance one's sobriety. The vision of Queer & Sober is to host exceptional events that not only capture ones’ imagination but inspire others to live life, have fun and be happy, joyous and free.

Having fun in sobriety is one thing Queer & Sober does really well, the group says. They enhance oneʼs experience as a sober human being and making it a real party, giving people something they wonʼt forget. This is particularly vital for sober newcomers – many of whom lack a basis or reference for enjoyment without the aid of mind-altering substances.

According to a media release, the creators of Queer & Sober say, “Usually because of drugs like meth, people these days are deciding to get sober younger ... and we have to keep them interested. Otherwise, they think sobriety is dull and eventually leave. We want them to stick with sobriety and succeed.”

Queer & Sober evolved from a desire among four friends to throw an experimental sober Pride Party in 2010 with a theme of The Wild West. A completely free event, it was open to the entire sober community. Last year, Queer & Sober inaugurated a successful and widely-attended full weekend of events during Gay Pride, including a Friday night sober “Superheroes Ball,” a Park Social, a raucous “Mr. Sobriety” pageant and a Sunday night cruise under the Pride fireworks. So many people – from as far as London and Rome – joined in the fun over the weekend, but organization creators say the true measure of success was embodied in the overwhelming response of individuals who expressed gratitude for having a fun and safe outlet during a time that can be rife with triggers.

This year, Queer & Sober has themed the whole Sober Gay Pride Weekend, June 22 to June 24, with aspects of Love. There will be everything from a sober Pier Dance Party with a famous DJ, to a sexy Menʼs Pageant and a closing Dance Cruise underneath the Pride Fireworks show.

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Michael Endora Colin Shiner  2929 days ago

I had a WONDERFUL time as one of the marshalls in this march this past year as shown above (I'm in the Pepto Bismol-pink shirt on the left). I've marched with the sober contingent in NYC's Gay Pride Parade since 1994, being the marshall of the Sober Together group/contingent for many of those years years, and this past year it was SO wonderful to see the members of the new Queer & Sober group combine in a spirit of solidarity and inclusion with the long-standing Sober Together group to infuse new life into this contingent. It is not only a wonderful time for all, it is also DEEPLY inspiring; in the 1990s, I knew MANY people in my AA meetings share that watching the Sober group pass in the Gay Pride March helped them to realize as they were watching from the sidelines that just because they were gay did NOT mean they could not be sober. This contingent really HAS historically and really DOES NOW make a big, positive difference. And the many sober people who chose not to march with us but prefer to watch from the sidelines always have shared how warm it makes them feel to see the Sober group pass by. I am proud of ALL who Participate and Support the Sober contingent of NYC's Heritage of Pride march each year!

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