Clinton prioritizes addiction treatment


After repeatedly hearing concern from voters in New Hampshire and Iowa, Hillary Clinton has told her policy advisors to focus on addiction and prevention during her 2016 Presidential Campaign, according to an article in the New York Times.

Clinton's advisors held virtual meetings with community leaders in the two states to gardner ideas about how the substance abuse epidemic can be addressed.

According to Jake Sullivan, the campaign’s senior policy director, Clinton instructed her policy team “to go beyond standard policies and really take a hard look at some of the more creative or forward-looking policy positions.” 

“We have an increasing problem that is only beginning to break through the surface so that people – I think a lot of people are thinking, well, that’s somebody else’s problem, that’s not my problem,” Mrs. Clinton has said.


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Scott Valentine  1815 days ago

I'm grateful that Mrs. Clinton is willing to address this issue. This is an area that is the 2000lb. gorilla in the room that has been avoided. Thank you so much for reporting on this event.

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