The Voices of Recovery

By: Guest Bloggers

Renew publishes the experiences of our readers and community members in hopes that others will find fellowship and support in their experiences.

Building a Social Enterprise

Toward the end of my using, the more drugs I did, the less pleasure I got. In the lingo of economics, they call this the law of diminishing returns and in the recovery community we call it addiction.

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An Evening with Marianne Williamson

Last Friday, Marianne Williamson spent an evening with the ONE80CENTER family. For those who don’t know, Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. On a personal level, Marianne Williamson is a hero of mine.

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Heroes Never Die

There are so many heroes amongst us. Some are living, some have moved beyond. But all of them have inspired someone in some way.

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My Favorite Tribe

I belong to a tribe that has more than 200 different fellowships worldwide, membership in the millions and twelve traditions that provide the architectural blueprints for building and maintaining successful tribes.

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