The Voices of Recovery

By: Guest Bloggers

Renew publishes the experiences of our readers and community members in hopes that others will find fellowship and support in their experiences.

A Life Turned Around

By the Grace of God, my nieces will never know me as a drug addict, a convict or a thief. They will only know the real me; the one that God intended me to be…

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Turning inward to get through

I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a teenager. I know very personally the feelings of being stressed out by schoolwork, after-school jobs, fluctuating relationships, family issues, and the whole gamut of life experiences that sometimes felt way too tough to handle.

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My Name Is Legion (Or, How Does Free Will Fit Into Recovery?)

In AA there is a lot of talk about God’s Will. My understanding has always sort of been that God’s Will was the basic unfolding of life, without me trying to force my schemes and plans and such onto it. This seems pretty clear, right? But what if I exercised none of my own will, and operated only by God’s Will.

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Rules of Love in Later Recovery

In early recovery the rules of relationships are pretty clear. Not that we follow them necessarily. We all know the stories that are funny when told years later. So what are the rules for love and romance for a woman or man in later recovery?

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Living For Now

Too many people try to live for what might be or the perceived perfect life of the people they admire and look up to.

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