Sobriety Junkie

By: Greg Kayko

Greg Kayko is the single father of two young children, the sponsor of half a dozen (or so) men in the Midwest, and an avid but painfully average golfer. A self-described sobriety junkie, Kayko is also a managing editor at a large national media company and author of Realtime Recovery: Where Sober is the New Black, a personal blog that celebrates the many ways we “trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.”

The Not-So-Self-Evident Truth

When fear and doubt about who I am sink their ugly teeth into the mortal minute of my day, I stop and ask myself one simple question: Am I OK right now, right here, this instant?

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Relapse — A Means to One End or Another, Part II

Another one of those disheartening clichés that is so true as to become axiomatic. Some have to die so others can stay sober. If you stick around long enough you do begin to see it. And you become convinced that relapse is a means to one end or another.

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Relapse — A Means To One End Or Another

When someone I know or, even more painfully, when one of the men I sponsor leaves the program, I call (once, twice, maybe three times) to remind them my door is open. I remind myself, finally, that they will either drink their way back when the pain is great enough, or drink themselves to the gates of insanity.

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Who Saves Us? We Do.

Greg Kayko introduces himself to Renew readers and says he may have discovered the reason why more men have stepped up, asking him to be a sponsor: Vulnerability. During his first 10 years of sobriety, he rarely allowed himself to show any sign of weakness.

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