The Guiding Light of Hope

By: Margi Taber

Margi Taber’s life work is about hope and healing. Her career path has focused on adolescent and family work in the field of addiction and social work. She is on the leadership committee of NAADAC's Adolescent Specialty Committee and is the vice president of programs and operations at RSSS.

A Guiding Light of Hope is inspired by the many people she has met who are on a mission to increase awareness, provide education, and promote health and healing regarding this ever-challenging disease called addiction that is destroying lives on a daily basis.

Tools for moving through the fear

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Apr 21, 2015

As I continue to walk through one of the most significant career changes in my life, I am faced with the opportunity for some even deeper work on myself.  While life is again providing experiences that let me see how much I’ve grown in my life, I’m also reminded that this onion still has layers to be peeled.

Here I’m specifically speaking of F.E.A.R, which some people refer to as “false expectations appearing real”. For me, fear is that voice that creeps into my head bringing with it negative chatter and trying to put me on a path toward sabotaging my goals. What is the real fear behind allowing me to create the career I am desiring? What am I afraid to let go of?

Growing up in a family system of generational alcoholism did not teach me to embrace the unknown or to trust in any power greater than myself. If I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t trust it.   This led me to take on those characteristics that shout “control” and are often embedded in the nasty dance with oneself and the addiction.

Surprisingly, however, through this career transition, I have been in awe of how natural it’s been for me turn my life situation over to a power greater than myself and to BELIEVE that God’s got this. Experiencing this sense of faith and trust has been nothing short of a miracle.

Yet I am aware of these moments that bring back those negative words that used to be so ingrained in me, eating away at my self-esteem: “You’re not good enough.”  “You don’t deserve that.”   Many of us have our key phrases we’ve had to battle or maybe still fight against.    

Today it is so refreshing to catch myself before those words influence me. While there are moments where I find myself feeling fear, I have more moments where I know that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. The fear subsides and I realize I have nothing to be afraid of.

I’m grateful for having learned tools that have helped me to find this space of faith and hope in what potentially could’ve been a storm:

1. Living with gratitude: Each day I find myself grateful and thankful for where I am in my life – really taking time to feel grateful and thankful. In my experience, there is such a positive energy shift in the body when we are living with gratitude.       

2. Meditating. My soul craves this time to quiet the mind and go within. I have my favorite music or guided imageries that I use for my quiet time and currently my go to meditation music is Lazarus Remembers Lemuria by Steven Boone.

3. Addressing physical needs. I’ve recently met with my doctor and tests done to ensure that my physical body is not responding negatively to this major transition in my life. I utilize massage therapy with essential oils, and visit my chiropractor to help keep my body in alignment. Soon I'll be adding exercise and yoga into the mix!

4. Finding Inspiration. There are a variety of ways I connect with inspiration. It may be in sharing a conversation with someone, reading a book that speaks to my heart, watching a video that fuels my spirituality, or taking a walk and connecting with nature. 




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