The Guiding Light of Hope

By: Margi Taber

Margi Taber’s life work is about hope and healing. Her career path has focused on adolescent and family work in the field of addiction and social work. She is on the leadership committee of NAADAC's Adolescent Specialty Committee and is the vice president of programs and operations at RSSS.

A Guiding Light of Hope is inspired by the many people she has met who are on a mission to increase awareness, provide education, and promote health and healing regarding this ever-challenging disease called addiction that is destroying lives on a daily basis.

Giving thought to the power of the mind

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Dec 08, 2014

The laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California has concluded that the average person has approximately 48.6 thoughts per minute, which adds up to around 70,000 thoughts per day.

That’s a lot of thoughts flowing through one’s brain in any given day.  And if you’re like me, too many of those thoughts have spiraled into negative thinking that does not support your best interest.

As I have done my own personal work over the years, I have become increasingly aware of the thoughts that circulate in my own brain. Some are random thoughts that come and go; some are curious thoughts that have led to deeper reflection; others I have identified as “nonsense chatter” that over time has transformed into irrational beliefs I have had about myself or the world around me. And what about those thoughts that we just don’t acknowledge, yet that may influence our lives?

Thinking about this takes me back to first hearing that a craving is initially just a thought. When given energy, that thought can transform into actions that only fuel the addiction.

Oh, the power that can come from just one thought!

So what happens when we become more aware of the thoughts that pass through our head?  

Currently, I am experiencing some personal life changes: life on life’s terms as they say. This has led me to become more aware of the thoughts that I allow to rent space in my head.

It’s fascinating to me to realize that I have “owned” negative beliefs about myself that were not driven by reality, but driven more by my perception of a thought or a pattern of thoughts. It is such relevant information to be able to observe how a thought or a thread of thoughts can move me from feeling grounded within, to feeling like I have nothing grounding me to reality.  

Some questions I ask myself are: am I attaching any significance to the thought? Does it illicit a specific emotion or feeling in my body? Does that thought remind me of an experience from my past? What energy is the thought creating within my body?

These are questions I ask myself to better identify if there is any relevance to the thought and what, if anything it might tell me. It’s amazing to me that when I pay attention I am more apt to not give credibility to those thoughts that have led me to stinking thinking.  

And that for me is another place I find my own personal power!


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