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Connecting the Dots: Past Experience and Addiction

Identifying and acknowledging the role life events play in addiction is often the first step to healing. Those willing to bravely face where they have come from are best positioned to for long-term, successful recovery.

How Easy Is It to Become Addicted to Overspending?

American credit card debt has reached more than $935 billion. It's time to help people tackle debt and get on top of their finances.

How to prepare when recovery comes home… Addiction is a disease and it’s the family’s disease as much as it is the addict’s.

In early recovery… honesty and tolerance are essential as family members begin to communicate hurts and truths hidden beneath the addictive system.

Talking to your kids about addiction can be daunting—Straight Talk author Claudia Black offers advice for getting it right.

Talking to kids about addiction can be difficult—but experts agree it is important.

Rebuilding trust in the family begins by trusting that you are worth taking care of.

I used to wonder why I had to come up with positives when my daughter hadn’t yet apologized for all the negatives she’d put me through. I needed to take the lead in changing first.

Sleep is essential to recovery… and an often difficult task. Here’s why you can’t sleep, and what you can do about it.

Exhaustion is one of the biggest triggers for relapse so it is important to get to the root of the sleep trouble.

Bringing the Healing Power of Exercise to Addiction Recovery Communities

“Going for a run” once meant chasing that next high. Today, it still means getting a thrill and going after an intense high, but in a healthier way

How to cope with addiction issues during self-isolation

There are a lot of options accessible during the pandemic for people in recovery or looking to access recovery resources.

Why do musicians have such an extraordinary vulnerability towards addiction?

Is it the pursuit of ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’? Or the use of drugs to stimulate creativity? Or what?

I Left My Kids to Go to Rehab and Here’s Why I’d Do It Again

Choosing to be away from my two sons for 90 days to get help is not only the best decision I ever made, but the one my children remember.

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